The Financial Liberation Institute is dedicated to empowering individuals around the world who wish to improve their quality of life without harming the environment or others. Through individual education and supporting cooperation F.L.I. strives to create a global economic system that fairly distributes its yield and is free from exploitation. Individuals and local economies learn how to become self sufficient and then with their abundance of resources collaborate synergistically to create a better quality of life for each other and future generations. F.L.I.’s main purpose is to be a voice for those who are being subjugated economically, to create awareness for those who are living unconsciously, and to give equal access to opportunity and education for all.


FLI is the gifting name of professionals that wish to make their knowledge and expertise as accessible as possible. Through this the organization focuses on paying not just a minimum, but a living wage to as many people as possible. Founded in 2013 as a vehicle for giving free seminars at transformational festivals;  FLI now provides free/ low cost seminars and training materials regarding all areas of finance and money from formal academic education to philosophical awareness of economic principals and consequences.