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Dean Koci


My purpose is to live with integrity in all aspects of life and to help others live with meaning and fulfillment.
This passion for people has also led me around the world to 26 different countries on six different continents.
I am grateful to my clients and partners that allow me to have the free time and resources to help numerous non-profit and collaborative endeavors, as well as doing Acro-Yoga and dancing every chance I get. 

Dean is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University majoring in Philosophy, Psychology, and Business

Having networked since 2001 and served hundreds of individual’s and businesses:  Dean has a wide array of expertise’s and connections that can help any group from a start up to a fortune 500.

After working for Halff & Associates for 3 years as the owner’s personal R&D assistant, Dean began taking on his own clients, helping guide them through the coordination of Intellectual Property Protection, Marketing, & Business Formation.

After starting his career in 2005 at Northwestern Mutual and later moving to Mass Mutual he discovered the need to start his own Fee-Based Financial Planning Firm in 2012 in order to provide the customization and transparency necessary to meet his clients needs.

During the roughly 1 year process of getting Koci Consulting approved by the state of California, Dean had to do his planning pro-bono. During this ‘Sabbatical’ Dean experienced an intense period of personal growth and gathered fresh perspectives on life. In 1 year Dean was certified as a level 1 instructor in Jeet Kune Do, graduated Wild Willow Farm’s School for Sustainable Farming, and became integrally involved in throwing a 3,000 person art’s festival. Combining these new awarenesses of Permaculture, Interpersonal Energetics, and Gift Economies with his conventional experience in finance, math, tax, and analysis has produced a radically new kind of “Financial Planning” that understands the need for personal fulfillment, civic engagement, and sustainability.

Dean serves a small core of clients that he considers as friends and family. He accepts new clients and businesses based on the work they do to help the world be a genuinely better place. He loves living vicariously through all these wonderful individuals and groups by assisting in the systems development, business planning, and manifestation of full potential.

The full potential of Koci Consulting is to prove that we can all thrive more, work less, and love each other in the process. Dean hopes to train others in order to have fractal growth of this model so that each “village” of 100 people can have a planner, the same as they need a farmer and healer.

Dean’s deepest passion is to participate in a church that combines faith and logic as a perpetually growing model. This “religion” has the power to unite the world as a proponent of human rights and to empower people as protectors of the environment. Dispelling the myth of separation is Dean’s purpose on Earth- he does this through planning, educating, speaking, governing (when requested), gifting, loving, and healing.


A new perspective on relating to each other…

Community, Spirituality and collective growth without the social control… Alliance of Neo-Tribalism:


  • Writer of a Small Business Administration SCORE workshop on financial needs for small businesses (07)
  • San Diego Magazine “Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager”
    • February Issues 2008,2009, & 2010.
  • Judge for San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards (09)
  • A.P. Scholar, Press Enterprise “Scholar” Award, & 1st Lion’s speech contest (99)

Extracurriculars and Involvements:

  • Hobbies: Dancing, Outdoors Anything, AcroYoga, Documentary Junky, Bicyclist.
  • Member of: