FLI Is Now A Proud Partner Of PCCN


The Perma-Culture Community Network is an organization focused on creating non-monetary based communities through permaculture education and bringing them into an organizational structure. The communities within the network will provide the excesses they have to other communities within the network. The goal of the PCCN is to have thousands of people living in symbiosis within these communities all over the country and eventually the world.

The PCCN is dedicated to bringing like-minded people, festivals and properties together to foster a world-wide community network that strives to create a non-monetary based culture. Access to this network includes discounts to partnered events, products, services as well as an opportunity for artists of all kinds (visual, performance, and educators in the field)to come together at these events to offer their skills. We are organizing our network in an attempt to create community from these already existing forward- thinking people, festivals and properties. Inspired by The Ten Principals of Burning Many, the PCCN INTENTIONS embody the spirit we seek to foster in its members.