We publish our seminar dates as we are confirmed at venues and festivals. Can’t wait? We encourage you to coordinate your own and we will come speak.

Complete List of Courses:

  • The Philosophy of Money
  • How to credit scores work and how to fix my own.
  • Financial Jargon 101- Learn the definitions of all the most commonly used codes and terms that impact your wealth. 401k, small cap, wrap fee, Roth IRA, Universal Life, Guarantee, etc.
  • How to shop- Learn how to maximize your savings as well as how to make your own items or meals while having fun doing it. Also learn the impact you have when you vote with your dollar and how it effects the world around you.
  • Marketing 101- learn all the tricks advertisers use to get in your wallet. Stop trying to buy happiness and start making it yourself.
  • How do I make my own retirement plan?- Learn all the options for retirement from saving in 401K to building residual income.
  • Do I really need:
    • Life and Disability Insurance
    • Medical and Accident insurance
    • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Tax Tips for Business Owners
  • Tax Tips for Employees
  • How to Start my own business with little money and time.
  • Investments and Asset Allocation 101- get a brief overview of all the ways to save money and how to make a portfolio that is only as risky as you are.
  • Insurance 101- Learn how to manage risk through self funding as well as all the different types of products out there. See which ones are worth it and learn how to pick a good company.
  • What are Annuities?
  • How do I Analyze & Trade Mutual Funds?
  • How do I Analyze & Trade Stocks?
  • Rent Vs. Own- Learn about the benefits of home ownership and ways to help you qualify for a loan. Also learn about alternatives to typical ownership that avoid 30 years of debt.
  • Education Planning- What are the options to save to Education costs?
  • Estate Planning Basics- Do I need a will or trust?  How do I write my own?
  • Financial Boot Camp